Darkwood drums have been an evolving design for a good number of years now. The first years drums were built from 32 solid staves (pieces) of  wood laminated together in a combination of two shapes to form a drumshell (A).  The next generation  was comprised of  48 staves glued into three shapes to attain a slightly more attractive and fuctionable form (B).
    Many a night in 2009/2010 locked away in the drum shop has brought to life what was once only just a thought...I wanted to devise a way to cut down on high quality wood waste and be able to customise the construction of the inner and outer shell to balance density, tone,and appearance. 
    Each djembe is now assembled from between 96 to 128 carefully selected pieces to form limitless visual designs. To appease both creativity on my part and, perhaps a custom drum specific to your eyes or ears.(C).
    As an artist, I have chosen to build only a limited amount of products per year to ensure that each drum gets ALL the attention it is entitled to. 
          ---Sound is priority number one combined with flawless craftsmanship and strength for extreme durability.---  

Djembe shells in the waiting room...
Here I am tuning a freshly skinned djembe at the four seasons hotel lobby inVancouver.
A 2009 model made of black walnut.
A stunning 2011 (d128) model made from quilted maple and african mahogany. 
         -All 2013 Djembes are equipped with thick,                      high tensioned goat skin and 4mm rope.
       A minimum of 90 rope cradles is standard for comfort and to hold the skin from slipping over time. 
  Polished                   stainless steel 
hardware is 
available as well.                This design requires 
a waist strap to keep      the djembe from slipping between the knees.