As we build towards the summer of 2015, Darkwood Drums is pleased to offer a number of different cajon products on the shelf. 
    Cajon bodies can be made from our birch plywood or any available species of solid timber.
Snare chains can be mounted one of two ways.(non-adjustable or fully controlled AND adjustable with our external on/off switch.

    All Darkwood cajons are made from the finest ingredients and built one at a time to ensure the highest level of craftsmanship. Wood sourced from local suppliers, the best glue, strong jointery, 6 ply birch heads, hand-welded adjustable stainless steel hardware, three sets of snare chains, lasting dyes for color and at least three coats of durable high-gloss finish.
    This combination of love allows a very small company to provide you with a special instrument that can easily satisfy your need for big bass, a variety of top end tones, and quite possibly the most amount of snare that can be attained from hitting a box with your hands.    
       Each cajon is both maintenance free and satisfaction guaranteed.
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  ---The Darkwood Cajon---

                             --2015  Cajon Products Available--

                   --Birch Plywood Series--  starting at $450
                        --Solid Wood Series--    starting at $550
                          --Archive Wood Series    starting at $650

                                       --Optional upgrades--

                            --Stainless steel switch--$200
                              --Veneered playing surface--$100
                                --Professional cajon bag--$75

Birch plywood with dark stain and veneered front